Library training seminars

In order to support the University’s educational and research work, as well as the development of bibliographic research skills, libraries organize educational user seminars at the beginning of each new academic year.

The seminars include:

  1. Tour on the School/Department Library. Presentation of it’s collection
  2. Library Services Presentation
  3. Information on Library Regulation Rules
  4. Introduction to the library’s web page and its electronic services.
  5. Guided OPAC Search and searching tools
  6. Bibliographic search in special electronic resources

During the seminars the trainers have the opportunity to submit their own experiences from other libraries and discuss with librarians new ideas or suggestions for the improvement of the services provided. To participate in training sessions, please Register to “Ask a Librarian” by selecting as a Help topic: ” Library training= Εκπαίδευση χρηστών ” To learn about the schedule of the seminars, please visit the Libraries Announcements.